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I Will Survive

I came to work this day. But i’m thinking of filing a leave of absence starting tomorrow til Jan. 13. Because the salary I received is really not possible to support me.

Just wondering what am i gonna put there sa leave form. Walang pamasahe? Walang panggastos? Ahahahha!

Buti na lang i have my family who never fails to support me.

My heart really goes to employees who are the breadwinners of the family.

What a way to start 2012.

But knowing Pinoys! We’ll survive it. With the big smile on our face.

Painful Truth!

Happy new year!
I was the center of attraction last week. Actually, it was more like I was a big joke to my friends. I showed them my payslip! It was really a big joke. They have deducted the “tax” that they said have been miscalculated! I was really laughing when i showed it to them. Until one person told me… “Really? Where do you work? They should know that 30% of your monthly income is required as your net take home pay.”

I asked pano pag may loan. He said regardless daw. They should adjust the deductions. Protection daw ng employees yun.

I made some research. 3000 is required as net take home pay, i think that’s for minimum wage. BJMP increased it to 5000.

Then he asked, “how are you going to last til the next pay day? How about the other employees who are supporting their families?”

True enough, I know some employees who only received 100 pesos.

It was really an eye opener but what can I do?

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